I haz opinions...and shit

mediumjoey asked:

Here's to Mundane Matt. His smooth, golden vocal tone Caressing our ears.

Yes. :)

Random Haiku

I like eating Brains
Soft, Chewy, Filled with Grey Stuff
Quite the tasty treat

Anonymous asked:

Are you ever going to do a video about the Miley Cyrus Conspiracy?

What is that?

(Googling now)

Random Haiku

See Three-Legged Dog
the Chuckling Intensifies
Hell awaits for me

Bryan Singer, and Pedowood

Random Haiku

Where is the black box?
It’s sleeping with the fishes
With flight 370

Who will win Gaming’s current “Culture War”?

why I’m starting to develop a crush on Mundane Matt


I’ve never seen his face, only heard his voice but I’m starting to crush on him because of videos like this:

Yeah, I have a crush on me too. ;)

Thanks for the lovely comment.

7 Clicks to Hitler - YouTube

I don’t think a lot of you newer fans have seen my series “7 Clicks To Hitler”. I think it’s pretty funny.

Apparently I have a “blasphemous laugh”. What the fuck?

Apparently I have a “blasphemous laugh”. What the fuck?