Anonymous: Hello Matt what are your thoughts on this new Game Of Thrones 'Rape' Controversy?

I know of the controversy, but I haven’t seen the episode yet. I’m a few episodes behind, and I’m trying to avoid all spoilers (although Purple Wedding has been vastly spoiled around the net (fuckers!)).

Anonymous: How is it that you don't have more subscribers on youtube? You are one of the more rational thinkers on there, and you make great points with well thought out arguments. I really hope you get TAA big very soon.

Thanks for the kind words. People do tell me that I’m too rational (ie: middle grounded), which doesn’t lend itself well to youtube success stories because I’m not making a huge splash (anymore). 

I’m almost at 13,000 subs and I’m happy with that. Not saying I wouldn’t want 500,000 subs, but I’m not gonna make a huge push or anything.

ask-shadowofcolosuss: Do you think Viacom will ever come back to Netflix? I really did hate Viacom let the license expire for Netflix.

It’s all about money. Right now Viacom has a stake in Hulu (mostly because Hulu is owned by the top networks now)…and if Hulu tanks (which I have a feeling it will), then they’ll come back to Netflix.

urubabyducky: So that question of the week thing. Sounds like a cool thing, but is it only for people with youtube accounts?

No, it would be for people who can call my google voice line and leave a message. lol

Anonymous: Have you seen The Pope Rap by Trevor Moore? I'm sure you'd like it.

I’m pretty sure I have…I’m a bit WHITEST KIDS U KNOW fan.