scttydsntknw85: Hey Matt, We have seen some celebrities weigh in on this issue about gaming and I (being the optimist I am) think that they just read the first "article" they come across and then stop there. They then jump on the band wagon and start supporting them. Do you think any of these people would change their views if they would just look past some of these click bait "sources" and do some research?

I think that they might change one or two of their views, but none of that would take away their stance as a whole. They are looking at the harassment over the reason for the argument. 

Low hanging fruit…that’s all it is.

xxxmlg420illumanatixxx: So, is there anything that a simple bloke like me can do to "fight" this current event? I'm a bit confised with all the videos (mainly yours and InternetAristocrat's) and articles I've been reading. tl;dr What can the average gamer do?

Just keep reading, talking, and discussing your opinions. Even if you think differently than myself, or anyone else…don’t let them discredit your opinion. This entire situation is about trying to silence people who don’t think like everybody else. 

Be an individual. Be true to yourself. And they can’t take that away from you.

Anonymous: If all game developers started catering to SJW/feminist ideologies do you think the industry will last?

Money talks, bullshit walks. As long as people are spending money on those games that they like, nothing is going to change.

Anonymous: It's crazy. Kotaku used to be the worst gaming-news website. Now it's the least of our worries. I mean, it's not at all great, nor is it the best website, but it's not being utter shite.

It’s still pretty shitty, but now its been somewhat neutered by Totilo. So that’s good.

Anonymous: Journalists don't own gender, they don't own feminsm. People can make any game they want, but it should be judged on quality and not connections. Who is at the top of Kotaku or Polygon? Cis white men, the same thing they so much hate. Hell, how many female writers are there even at RPS? Wouldn't it be logical to approach the lgbt community and make them understand they are not fighting for them, but being used as ammunition?

Some people just want to have a voice….and they don’t care where they get it.

mato26: Isn't it rather curious that, on the same day, Gamasutra, Polygon, Vice and Ars Technica all posted this one-sided articles about the actual situation in the games community?

They all know each other, and I’m sure htey read the first piece, then they each decided to pen their own. 

Anonymous: Note how the Polygon article doesn't connect anything to Zoe, and further how the article focuses more upon the misogynist events (specifically Anita-related) of the week over anything else.

Zoe is a small fish, so its easy for her to get pushed aside.

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