Anonymous: You know what puts you apart from other internet celebs? You aren't an idiot you don't demand money from people and those that rely only on their videos making them money need to get off their fat fuck lazy ass and get a job! Fuckers they should be working like the rest of us instead of getting payed to talk in front of a camera for twenty minutes mr repzion comes to mind.

I answer this question in a video response, found here

Anonymous: Aside from the monsters that were announced for Godzilla 2 at comic con, what other monsters would you like to see in the new Godzilla films? I want to see Titanosaurus, Biollante, Gigan, and Anguirus.

I just want to see Godzilla fight King Kong again. 

That’s it. I’m a simple fan like that. :)

oliviatheelf: I like how you never reveal yourself in your videos. A lot of people show their faces in their videos, which is alright, but it can sometimes distract from the actual message and quality of the videos. I like that your videos are interesting and stay on target the entire time without even seeing your identity. It's a cool way to voice your opinion without having that scrutinized.

I actually posted a picture that had my in it the other day. LOL

I don’t think I necessarily need to reveal myself for my channel. I know people want to see what I look like, and outside of being a slightly-skinnier version of Kevin Smith….but I like to have people focus on my voice/opinions and not the fact that I’m a bearded fat man. :)

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